Spirit wear

Our Spirit wear items can be order either by the school in bulk or using our No Minimum No Set Up online stores.

  1. Bulk orders – please see our Spirit Wear product category in Apparel section and you can place your order or request a quote directly for the items you choose. (Coming soon)

2. No Minimum No Set Up online stores

Individual spirit wear orders. Our spirit wear program has been extremely popular with schools for a very long time.  Started as an order form system and upgraded to fast and simply to use online store version, it gives the students chance to get a spirit wear item as unique as them. The No Minimum No Setup program can be used as a schoolwide program or just for a specific team or club.

How it works

Student or teacher responsible for the spirit wear sale confirms the selection of items and designs that will be offered to the students. Fundraising amount can be added to the price given to the school. Our graphics team creates an online store specifically for this school. Various groups from the same school can share the same online store (their product is sorted to categories for each school team or club) or individual online stores can be created.
A link to this online store is then shared with the students and they can go and place the orders for their selected item, it their selected colour, with their selected logo and customize it with embroidered sleeve name and printed or stitched back name (optional). We suggest that schools include both cheaper and more expensive items in the product selection giving every student a chance to find an item that fits their budget.

Orders are paid directly by the students at the checkout from the online store. Students are given a set cut off date for placing their orders. After this date all orders from their online store are sent to production and completed. Each item is tagged with the student’s name and details of their order and individually bagged. We offer both bulk shipment of all order to school or individual shipments to students homes. The bulk shipment is free but there is a fee for ship to home option. This feature has been extra valuable over the last 15 months giving students a chance to get a spirit wear item even while on remote learning.

If fundraising was collected during the sale it is sent to the school at the time of delivery of the product. If required by the school, the online store can stay open all year with Ship to home option only.

Online system

As described above we set up individual online store for each school and their club or team if needed. There is absolutely no cost to set up the online store and no extra cost per item sold. Our online stores are run on the WordPress platform with full security features.  Here are couple of examples of the online store we have set up: